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In any event that we do not receive any minimum paid registrations for any of our courses, we may reschedule that course(s) to an alternative date and time. Should you be unable to attend any of the alternative dates and time, we will refund the full course fees.


Any paid course fees is not refunded if you do not show up for your scheduled class. However, if you miss your class because you were feeling unwell, please provide us with the necessary medical certificate within five (5) days after the course end date, we will reschedule you to an alternative course date and time at no extra charge.


We will refund course fees on cancellation as listed below:

1. More than two (2) weeks to the course date: 100% of fees refunded

2. Less than two (2) weeks but more than one (1) week to the course date: 50% of fees refunded

3. Less than one (1) week to course commencement date: NIL refund

If you have any questions on our Cancellation & Refund Policy, please send your question to: 

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