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About US

Lifeskills Academy is dedicated to Empowering Lifelong Learning. By doing so, you will find gainful employment both as an employee or as a self-employed. 

Whatever jobs we are holding, particularly if we are self-employed, it is essential that we continue to acquire critical and yet relevant skills that can empower us to perform better at our jobs or at the services that we offer as self-employed. 

Processes & methodologies at the workplace are constantly being impacted by disruptive technologies & innovations that can be overwhelming at some stages of our careers. Changes is the only constant. Hence, it doesn't really matter if you are in your mid-thirties or forties or in the sixties and beyond, what's most important is that the upgrading of skills & re-skilling & acquiring new skills will see us through life comfortably. 

I admit that as we age, dexterity diminishes, so will our cognitive capabilities & motor skills. Our eyes see less clearly & our knees wobble as we attempt to get up from the seat. But it will make a huge difference if we adopt lifelong learning & we are constantly upgrading ourselves. 

We will be better equipped to be gainfully employed, including being self-employed. We will be more sustainable financially to live better & more fulfilling life. 

Lifeskills Academy is a People's Association (PA) Approved Training Provider. We are presently offering the only basic bartending course in a CC : SkillsFuture@PA Basic Bartending & Mixology Skills Workshop at Hillview Community Centre (accessible by Hillview MRT). This course is SkillsFuture Credit eligible course, you can use SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the courses. 

More skills-based courses/workshops are in the pipeline, and offered at more community centres in the near future. We are curating these courses to equip you with hands-on skills and upgrading skills to ensure you remain employable and financially sustainable as you progress through your life and career - whether as an employee or as a self-employed. 

Lifeskills Academy is also an SCDF Approved Training Institution offering the HazMat Transport Driver Permit (HDTP) Course. This is a mandatory permit for those who perform deliveries of dangerous cargoes or hazardous cargoes. To be issued the HDTP permit, the driver is required to pass a written MCQ test and demonstrate competency in using a fire extinguisher. We can schedule the class to avoid disrupting the delivery schedule of your drivers. 

Questions? Call us at +65 8333 7118 or send us an email:

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