About US

Lifeskills Academy is dedicated to Empowering Lifelong Learning.

Whatever jobs we are holding, it is essential that we continue to acquire critical skills that can empower us to perform better at our jobs. 

Processes & methodologies at the workplace are constantly being impacted by disruptive technologies & innovations that can be overwhelming at some stages of our careers. Hence, it doesn't really matter if you are in your mid-thirties or forties or in the sixties and beyond, what's most important is that the upgrading of skills & re-skilling & acquiring new skills will see us through life comfortably. 

I admit that as we age, dexterity diminishes, so will our cognitive capabilities & motor skills. Our eyes see less clearly & our knees wobble as we attempt to get up from the seat. But it will make a huge difference if we adopt lifelong learning & we are constantly upgrading ourselves. 

We will be better equipped to be gainfully employed, whether self-employed or employed. We will be more sustainable financially to live better & more fulfilling life. 

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